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Photography workshops where you can learn photography from professional photographers and great teachers. Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn about the art of photography or a professional wanting to fill your portfolio our workshops will put you in the best place, at the best time. We will teach you how you can create stunning images and help you grow with new visual perceptions.

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Learn new skills, Create images you have always wanted, Grow your vision with these workshops lead by Jess Lee, Tamara Gooch and our team.
France photo workshop
Cowboy photos
Brown bear  Photo workshop Katmai

Alaska Bears
June 26-July 1st


Power and Beauty
Flowered fields, Chalets and White Horses.
July 6-15 2018

Pre horse photo
Oregon PRE horses
Monument Valley
Grand Teton Photo tour

Whidbey Island Spanish Horses,
August 10-12, 2018

Horse Treats
Autumn Idaho Cowboys
Winter in Yellowstone
Yellowstone winter
Yellowstone Winter Jan 20-26 2019 FULL
Lofoten Norway Workshop
Monument Valley Photo workshop
Lisbon Photo workshop
Shane Barn Grand Teton National Park
Cowboy photos

Iberian Adventure,Spain/Portugal,
Exquisite Architecture, Captivating Equestrian Culture. April 29-May10.

Yellowstone-Teton Spring

May 24 -30

Wyoming Cowboys and Wild horses

June 1-7


France photo workshop
Brown Bear catching salmon at Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park Alaska

Katmai Alaska Bears and Salmon
July 15-21



About our Workshops

After four decades of photographing the world from Africa to Alaska in search of the unique images found in magazines such as National Geographic, Smithsonian, Defenders of Wildlife, National Wildlife, Audubon, Sierra, Paris Match, and many more. Jess Lee is offering a limited number of photography workshops, tours and expeditions to the worlds photographic hot spots.

Our trips are designed to put you in special places at the right time and learn how to bring home the most unique images possible. Not only will you learn photography in great locations but you will learn about making your images tell a story.

Our photo tours and workshops are instructional nature photography tours with an emphasis on creating new classic images. Jess feels that everyone has it in them to become a outstanding photographer. You already possess the passion and the desire, by studying with us you will learn the tools to polish your skills and fine tune your craft. Your current skill level doesn't matter. After a Jess Lee Photo workshop you will expand that skill level. Jess will pass on his knowledge of the natural world, it's history and the species we are photographing. Jess will also show you how to find, approach and create great photographs maximizing your overall experience. Our goal is to refine your own special photographic vision, and our small group sizes assure you of individual attention during our workshops. Jess's relaxed easy style allows you to learn at your own pace. Most of all we have fun!

Days in the field are typically long, we head out early and stay out late to take advantage of the prime light. Instruction subjects covered and techniques explored include: Choosing the right equipment for your trip. Large, medium, panoramic,and 35 mm formats—which one to choose and why. Panoramic techniques for film and digital. Tilt/shift lens use and techniques for digital and 35mm users. Flash for nature photographers. How to read your histogram. Professional exposure techniques and compensation. Creative composition—the rules, when and how to break them. Landscape and scenic techniques to expand your vision. How to find, approach and photograph wildlife. Predicting behavior, lens selection, macro and close up techniques. Tripods, heads, beanbag and camera supports. Filters for nature photography the digital world. Choosing, using graduated neutral density filters and digital blending.
How to make your photos more appealing and saleable.

This instruction is field based, without the burden on after lunch classroom lectures. With our small groups ( 6 per guide is the normal maximum) we can tailor our teaching to the things you need. Instruction is in the field where and when you need it!

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Defenders of Wildlife Photo Contest
Posted on March 10, by Cathy

When I was an editor at Audubon magazine, I saw a lot of really stunning wildlife and nature photos. I can take a decent shot, but my photos are nowhere near the quality of those professionals.

I wish they were, because then I could enter to win a fabulous prize like the one that Defenders of Wildlife will be awarding this spring: a grand-prize photo tour to Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks with expert wildlife photographer Jess Lee. Now, that would be a great trip!


hi jess, arrived well back in south florida last night, the flights were fine, and wanted to email with another thanks for your time and work to make it a great week in yellowstone. much success to you and i'd look forward to sharing future photo ops together. murray c.


Thanks for another great trip. You more than lived up to what I had read about you, your knowledge of the area and ability to get us up close to the wildlife made it possible for even a novice photographer like myself to come home with some great shots.
I am trying to arrange my schedule so I can make your spring trip to Yellowstone and the Teton's, it should be spectacular.
Look forward to our next adventure.



This was the greatest photographic experience of my life. Spending time with Jess inside the wilds of Yellowstone for a week really improved my photo skills. Jess is extremely knowledgeable both about photography and has the skills to relate his knowledge in an understandable way. This trip was extremely rewarding and fun! Thanks Jess.All the best to you.



I have spoken to Alan since he returned to Ashton (thanks for bringing him). He could not stop telling me what a great time he had and how much he learned on the trip to Yellowstone. I cannot thank you enough. Your time and work are appreciated. I do not know what else to say to someone who made my Christmas gift to my step-son so special, all I can do is thank you again. Dustin


Wonderful 3 1/2 days. I loved your approach and pace. The rest of the crew was really great as well.You are certainly one of a kind and I learned a lot. thanks."

Christopher A


Larry W. If you ever want a recommendation have them give me a call. Looking forward to Africa

"Jess:Thanks for your usual fine job. I enjoyed the trip and looking forward to sharing another trip with you"

Larry W.


Thank you Jess...I went for wolves...and I got WOLVES everyday!!

Wally, winter '08


Great Trip,

Charlie M.


Gene Covey after one of his many trips

"Jess: I just got back home and reviewed my photos. I got some killer shots.
Thanks for a great photo safari. I could have never gotten anything like I
did. You were an excellent guide"


Julie J.

Jess we have traveled the world over and you are the best.


Another great trip

Walt, Yellowstone spring


Give Jess Lee a call for Yellowstone.

Charles Glatzer M.Photog

George Kaczmarek

Hi Jess and thank you so much for giving me chance to shoot with you. It was great...........Jess, as I mentioned to you I do not have too much time but during summer I will like to go with you on one of your custom weekends for some wildlife shooting. Now you have shown me there is so much to do in North America I don't have to go to africa for unique photos .....George


Greg Rothschild

"Yellowstone was great. Jess found tons animals for us to photograph
our first day out we spotted a wolf pack- it's the first time i've seen wolves in the wild... and to hear them howl from the mountain top... really nice moody images ...definitely the highlight of the trip for me...."



Maria B "you were great, sign me up for the Canadian Rockies"


Steven Berkowitz " I only got them because of you"


Authorized permittee of the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management


Reserve your place now with a deposit


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