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Lofoten in Winter Photography Workshop


February 16-23, 2019

Lofoten Norway, sometimes call the crown jewel of northern Europe is the ideal place for a arctic winter photography workshop. Stunning granite peaks, colorful fishing villages cloaked in snow, pristine landscapes with picturesque beaches and weather moderated by gulf stream weather patterns make Lofoten a winter photography wonderland. Being above the Arctic Circle a Lofoten photography workshop can be a fabulous place to photograph the aurora when the weather cooperates.


This time of the year the sun will be low on the horizon giving us the magical light only seen this time of the year above the arctic circle. Our local resident guide Cody Duncan has probably spent more time photographing Lofoten than any other landscape photographer and knows the best time and place to capture awesome images during the unpredictable weather of these Nordic islands.


Red-finhing-cabins-loften Lofoten Lofoten-photos Lofoten-beaches



Our exact daily location will vary depending on conditions, but these will be long exciting days since the low light will make the beautiful blue hour go on and on. Below is a rough idea of our locations.

DAY 1: Meet in Oslo Norway for dinner and presentation of what to expect on our Winter in Norway photographic adventure. During this time we will cover details of subjects presented in our pre trip notes which you will receive after your sign up confirmation and receipt of your deposit.

Day 2: Early morning flight to Leknes (cost not covered in trip price). AM: Arriving in Leknes on the central island of Vestvågøy around 12:00 noon. After checking into our Hotel and having a brief time for shopping for supplies we will proceed to the mountains and beaches in the area of Vestvågøy: Uttakleiv, Haukland, VIk, or Unstad for your first afternoon and sunset photography opportunities in the glorious mountains and coastline of Norway. After dinner we will have the possibility of Aurora photography weather permitting.


AM. Gathering our gear and loading into the vans we will head directly to several of the nearby beaches: Vik, Haukland, and Uttakleiv. After finishing at the beaches, we will return to Leknes for a trip to the supermarket to get supplies before beginning our approximately 1 hour drive to our accommodation on Hamnoy (near Reine). We will have some time to relax or review images before dinner.

Dinner around 18:30,

Aurora if possible

Lofoten-Beach-photo Beach-photography Lofoten-sunset-photography Aurora-Lofoten-photograph

- DAY 4:


7:00 - 8:00 - breakfast

AM: With the winter sun rising directly onto the iconic mountain, Olstind, rising across the fjord from our accommodation, we will begin the day by walking out the door and exploring by foot. There are several directions of travel and numerous locations to keep us busy throughout the morning.

Around noon we will return to the Rorbus for a brief lunch.

After lunch we will gather in the vans and continue on to the end of the road at the scenic village of Å. We will make the short walk out to the cliffs beyond the village and with luck, a clear-ish horizon will see the sun casting brilliant light over the island of Vaeroy as it sets into the sea. This is one of my favorite locations for winter sunsets.

Dinner: 18:30

Aurora if possible

- DAY 5:


7:00 - 8:00 - breakfast

AM: For twilight and sunrise we will go to one of several of the 'iconic' viewpoints of Reine and Olstind, just a short drive from our accommodation. After the best light has passed we will spend some time exploring the Reine waterfront and harbor: Cod stockfish drying racks (which will mostly be empty of fish so early in the year), Rorbus, Jetty's, boats, etc…

Around noon we will return to the Rorbus for a brief lunch.

After lunch we will explore some of the nearby islands to our Rorbu: Toppoy and Sakrisoy. For sunset we will head to the area around Valen, to have an open water view towards Olstind, plus a pretty cool derelict building

Dinner: 18:30

Aurora if possible


- DAY 6:


Moving Day

7:00 - 7:30 - breakfast

AM: We will go out shooting after breakfast, looking for any last scenes to capture if the weather was perhaps not fully cooperative on the previous days and returning to some of the groups favorite places.

In the afternoon we'll first head towards Vareid or Vikten for sunset

Dinner: 18:30

Aurora if possible

Red-Cabins-lofoten Frozen-photography Icey-lofoten Sunset-lofoten

- DAY 7:


07:00 - 08:00 - breakfast

AM: We will head out to one of the scenic beaches of Vestvågøy: Uttakleiv, Haukland, VIk, or Unstad. If the weather is calm, we will head east in the morning to explore the scenic village of Henningsvaer. On the way back we’ll take the old road along the southern coast, stopping for sunset if the light looks promising.

Dinner: 18:30

Aurora if possible

In the evening we will head out to another promising location for sunset.

Dinner: 18:30

Aurora if possible


- DAY 8: - Departure

7:00 - 8:00 - breakfast

We will head to the airport in Leknes to drop everyone off for their flights home.


It is difficult to predict both the solar activity and clear nights more than 1-2 days in advance. And then when they do appear, it can be anywhere in the sky from northwest to north to northeast. On a week long trip, we should at least have 1 chance of the aurora. Anything less is unlucky and anything more is lucky. The trip is not based around the northern lights, but rather prefer to think of them as a bonus to an already fantastic landscape. A bonus we will take advantage at every given opportunity.


For questions or to book your trip contact ;

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Photo Workshop, all field guiding and instruction, ground transportation and shared lodging. Meals and air transportation not included. $5595.  
Single lodging


$1000 non refundable deposit holds your place.


Travel and other information will be provided upon receipt of deposit.  



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